My Stamp Collection

Thought I'd post a tribute to the buttons I have collected thus far under the tab entitled My Stamp Collection.  These link up to some lovely blogs (see below), so please take a minute and browse if you're not following them already.


And these are my most recent blog button additions:


and also

Happy browsing!

 P.S.  If you haven't got a button yet, here's the tutorial I used when creating mine: Tutorial for Creating Blog Button with Code Box.


  1. that's kinda awesome!
    thanks for displaying my button:)

    have a lovely wednesday!!

  2. I love reading your blog! I read blogs that you had on your blog, boho girl and gypsy girls and a few more. I really look forward to when you post, your so darn fun

  3. I love finding new blogs! :). I'll have to go check these new ones out!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial I need to do this soon for my blog!

  5. I love how you call it the stamp collection! So cute...

    I recognize a few of those :)


( hippies always welcome )