The Great Escape

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We’re finally doing it.

We are finally planning a trip to Europe.  Mind you, it will only be for one week, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

We have just enough sky miles for a ticket and a half, and may have gotten relatively lucky in the accommodations department (I’ll keep you posted).  We’re thinking Paris and Guernsey in April, with a possible visit to London in between.  We’re also trying to work a brief train ride in there somewhere, because I’ve got a thing for locomotives.  

Since we will only be in Paris for two or three days, we shan't be very touristy.  I definitely want to see the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel tower.  I would also love to visit Shakespeare and Company, an independent bookstore and lending library in the Latin Quarter.  Otherwise, I just want to sit in cafes and stare at people.  Do you think they’ll mind?

Guernsey is the main event.  I have wanted to visit the Channel Islands since reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (a perfect book).  Perhaps that’s a silly reason for planning an entire trip abroad, but before making fun please have a look at the photographs.  This place is breath-taking.  

And now for the point of this post: If you’ve got any tips, suggestions, and/or recommendations, please let me know!  I would very much appreciate need your input while planning this trip. 


  1. How fun! I have no input beyond that. But I look forward to seeing pictures. : )

  2. Ack, how exciting!!! I'll get over there, eventually; my besty from high school lives in Wales, and MrB and I want to see Italy <3 Have a wonderful time!

  3. my son and his wife went to Europe for 2 weeks for their honeymoon and I ask him to go to the catacombs (im weird like that) in Paris, check that out.
    they loved europe. I will miss you so bad if you cant blog! ahhhhh
    im so excited for you!

  4. I'm so very jealous! Sure you don't want to take me along?

  5. cute blog! have fun on your trip! :)


  6. So glad we found each other...
    Love Love finding like minds.
    Will follow you...
    Your images are breathtaking.

  7. Ah, I'm SO jealous!

    I can't wait to hear about your trip! It sounds amazing :).

  8. Ahh, that's so exciting, dear!
    have fun and take bunches of pictures if you can:)

    I wish I could go!!!!

  9. Woohoo! That sounds so exciting. I don't think I've ever left my continent.

    I would of course advise you to buy perfume, but I don't think that's the kind of advice you're after. :)

  10. I actually did buy perfume. ;) We must think alike.


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