Resolution (noun):

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1.  The act or process of resolving -

It’s that time of year of again.  As per usual, I made An Intimidating List.  Which, incidentally, looks remarkably like the list I made last year (shoot).  In short:

Become Super-Woman.

2.  Act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones -

Then I read the Merriam Webster definition of the word Resolution, and decided I must simplify my list or forever disappoint myself.  Six is the limit.

3.  The act of determining -

This year, I am determined to:

•    Finish writing novel and children’s book.
•    Find a literary agent, if at all possible. Pray.
•    Finish potty-training Isaac.
      And by this I do mean NO MORE DIAPERS EVER.
•    Teach Isaac his alphabet, counting, colors, and Spanish phrases.
•    Travel as often as I can afford.
•    Choose to be happy.

Notice I am not including:

•    Things That Must Occur Anyway (like work)
•    Things I Cannot Control (like when and where we will relocate)
•    Things That May or May Not Occur, Depending on Finances
      (like studying photography, opening an Etsy shop, and/or
       beginning grad school).  So that about sums it up.

I’ll leave you with one final thought:

You have time
for what you make time.
(Or so I'm told.)

Good luck to you!

P.S. I almost forgot: I'm also resolving to be a little "greener" this year.  Check out these daily tips on Big Green Head and, as the author of that blog puts it, "add a little color to your resolutions - green!"


  1. Best of luck :) I've just stopped making lists haha

  2. Best of luck :) I've just stopped making lists haha

  3. Thanks Ames. I will most likely disregard all other lists I make until the end of the year, when they will miraculously show up and point their angry little fingers in my face. ;)

  4. Wow, that's quite a list! Good luck, I'm sure you will do it! Just stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you :)

  5. I like your list. It's kind of inspiring! Must go fetch a pencil and paper and give it a try... Only first I must clean up my room to the point where I can FIND my pencil and paper. If I were able to make said list right now, that would be the first item on the agenda anyway: DE-CLUTTER-IFY MY ROOM.

    Items we have in common: Travel as often as I can afford, pray, choose to be happy. Also the opening the Etsy Shop thing (funds and time permitting). I'm also determined to get as much school done as I can without going bonkers -- much of it in the first half of the year, if I can swing it, before you move out of my orbit. *sniff* :)

  6. Fabulous list! May I borrow it? (Minus the diaper thing...completed that one 2 years ago *whew*.) ;-)

    Happy New Year!


  7. That's a fantastic list! I've yet to make mine, but need to get on that!

    Drink more coffee! I love that little post it! :)

  8. what does it say about me that i am not making a list?

    of course, i will almost positively be making one when matt deploys. deployment resolution lists are pretty shitty. it involves a lot of diet and exercise related stuff since we'll be trying to procreate when he gets home.

    that should be fun. no pressure, right?

  9. Right! No pressure whatsoever.

    I added "choose to be happy" because the other things are goals. . . and this one is an attitude adjustment.

    Which means I'm committed - whether I complete this list or not, I am going to be happy.

    Minus the diaper thing. That HAS to happen. In January.

    Good luck to everyone searching for pencils and writing lists of their own!

  10. @ Ayla - "we'll be trying to procreate" like this is the most normal thing to say in a blog comment. :-P

  11. HAHA I thought I read "we'll be trying to procrastinate." This makes more sense, although sounds a bit weird.


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