Happiness is  . . . weekend evenings when Tim is in Georgia and the three of us hang out at the cabin all night.

You know those moments when you realize you’re happy?  Possibly because of something that happened, or something that’s about to happen – or better yet, because you feel content in the moment.

Like having all the people you love best in one room.

What made you happy this weekend?


  1. happiness is staying in denial about how restless my nights will be when the warm man beside me sleeps alone in the belly of a ship.

    ps- the best camera is the one you have.

  2. That is very lyrical, although sad.

    Good thought about the camera. My camera is, however, a piece of junk.

  3. aww that's sweet.
    what made me happy??
    a few moments of silence in the kitchen this morning, alone, staring out the window at the beautiful sunrise with a cup of hot coffee in my hands.

  4. My kids baking all the Christmas goodies for our family Christmas when I was too sick to do it. Seeing my family. Reading a book. Laughing with my kids. The sunrise.

  5. I got my hair cut this weekend. Such a simple thing, I know, but it made me feel pampered and fresh and, well, happy. :)

  6. What a precious sentiment! I was sick with the flu all weekend and my baby shower was scheduled for Sunday evening, and I really really felt like canceling, but I persevered and I am so glad I did, because my friends made me feel so special!

    Isn't it great when you get an opportunity in life to really be grateful for your friends!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  7. What a priceless photo!

    Having my eight-year-old son give me a hug and say "I love you Mommy" always makes me happy.

    Thank you for participating in last week’s Wednesday Window @ Frugality Is Free. I hope you’ll stop by to link up your favorite blog post this week as well.

  8. Cute picture! Most recently? Happiness was Christmas. All of us still at home. The mess we made of the music room while opening presents. Natalie finally getting the hang of the whole 'rip the paper' concept. Snow.

    Actually, the feeling hit me the night before: whilst watching Elf with Dan, and mocking it heartlessly. Then it just snuggled in and stayed all the next day.


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