Event: Something That Happens

Event (noun): something that happens.  (Copied from Merriam-Webster - no, really).

When I opened my back door early Thursday morning, I unwittingly invited a flying squirrel into my house.  It had been caught between the screen and glass doors all night, shivering in a little ball in the corner.  I borrowed the photograph below from google (because I'm lazy and forgot to take one myself), but the squirrel pictured looks just like the one I caught.  It's the size of a lemon.

Friday and Saturday was our annual Thanksgiving with my room-mates from sophomore year at Toccoa.  This year it was hosted by Daynes and Matt at their pastor's house in Atlanta.

From left to right (not that it matters because this photograph will be small and far-away once posted): Alicia, Meng, me, Tim, Joey, Alex, Daynes, and Matt.  Also present: Devon (who flew in from Chile to be with us), and Jeremiah (an amazing pastry chef who made us buñuelos for dessert).

We played soccer in the backyard (and the losing team got dish-duty), had a brief photo shoot (very brief; there was jumping involved), played a quick round of White Elephant, sat around a huge bonfire for a bit, and cooked a massive amount of food (as per usual).  It was so wonderful seeing everybody again, plus this year we actually had a dining room table as opposed to sitting on couches in my tiny living room.

And tomorrow morning I'm off to help paint the Christmas play set for a community theater in North Carolina.  I shan't be back until just before Thanksgiving (making a grand total of three Thanksgiving meals in one year - I feel a bit like the Gilmore Girls minus the ability to eat non-stop).  Until next week, then!


  1. I was interested to see where you went to school, so I googled Toccoa, and found that it's a small Christian college? Awesome! I went to Bryan College (also a Christian college) in TN! Another commonality :) (is that a word?)

  2. Wow that's neat! Did you like it? I definitely made life-long friends there.

  3. it's been 29 degrees here (20 with the windchill) and bitterly cold (my east coast transplant friends compare it to maryland winters, but i don't know what that means since i've never experienced one).

    anyway, i got up this morning and looked at your blog and am appalled to see how late-summer-y you're all dressed. we got about one month of fall, and it's now winter (snow dusting = winter). i even broke my loosely held compact and bought a new coat because i was freezing to death.

    anyway, happy thanksgiving! glad you had fun with your friends. i sometimes miss living close to people i knew for that very reason!

  4. did i say snow dusting? i meant blizzard.

  5. Your long hair is beautiful---makes me miss the 4-5 inches I had cut a few weeks ago, darnit.
    Looks like fun!


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