Mixed Media

Lately I've been itching to get back into my (largely depleted) tub of art supplies and start creating again.  When I went back to school to finish my degree, I put everything else on hold.  Thus the tupperware bins of paints, brushes, pencils, and one lone French notebook.  But today, while looking over a few pieces I did last year, I realized just how much I've missed it.

So I've set myself a goal (and it comes in List Form, no less):

1) Obtain New Supplies (i.e. heavy-duty paper, notebook with plastic page protectors, fine tip pens).

2) BEGIN!  Dorothy Parker once said that "the art of writing is the art of applying the ass to the chair" - same thing applies for just plain art, too.

I've had a wordless children's book in mind for no less than three years, an entire file filled to the brim with photographs and faces I'd like to sketch, and a few personal requests from friends and family members.  So, rusty or no, out with the pencils and erasers.

Below are a few pieces of mine (pardon the horrible quality of my camera and also my laziness - I didn't bother taking them out of the glass before I took the photos, nor did I tweak the lighting).  These are now in a coffeehouse in Greenville:

Blue Woman.  Oils.  Inspired by wall graffiti.

Woman with Guitar.  Charcoal and pencil.  
Inspired by Julia with Guitar by Paul Politis.

Leigh.  Acrylic paint and pages from White Oleander

Untitled.  Prismacolor pencils, acrylics, watercolor.  
(Actually not black and white).

Blue Face.  Acrylics and oils.  
(For whatever reason I was really into blue that year).


  1. wow! Amazing... theres not much more to say than that... just WOW

  2. You are very good! I really really love them!

  3. Thanks ladies! I appreciate it.

    It's so relaxing to play with paint - sort of makes you momentarily forget all your problems.

  4. Very nice work! I tried to choose my favorite, but I am sold on them all.


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