I'm a Loner, Dottie, A Rebel

I've spent quite a bit of time alone over the past few years.  I'd like to say I've learned how to be alone without being lonely, but it's a hit or miss kind of thing.  Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don't.  In the end, I guess it's just something we all have to learn: how to be okay with being alone.

While reading a blog post by Gravitational Flotation about spending one day entirely alone, I came across a video written and produced by Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis.  I thought I'd post it on here because I found it very inspiring (I've actually been back to watch it several times since).  Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Sorry...I don't know you that well, but this is awesome! :)

    -Bethany Underwood

  2. Thanks Bethany - I thought this video was awesome too. Feel free to stop by any time! I love meeting new people on here.

  3. I love this video! I posted about it not so long ago too!

  4. Oh really? I must've missed that one, lol. It just makes me so happy.

  5. Well, I guess it might have been a while ago now.

    Actually, I found it on someone else's blog and thought it was such a cool video!

  6. Super cute, made me happy.


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