Since we've discovered that Isaac does not have fluid in his ears and therefore can 1) Understand what we say, and 2) Is capable of repeating it  (if he so chooses), I have canceled his follow-up appointment (did I cancel that appointment?) because it is four hours of driving for a ten-minute, "Oh, your kid is fine, actually.  Goodbye!"  Plus the doctor's office makes Isaac squeamish.  He strongly dislikes being weighed, having things put in his ear, and/or having strangers stand next to/look at him.  Disclaimer: excepting all people for whom he develops an illogical crush (there is no rhyme or reason to this).  For whatever reason, he simply decides that they are The Tops and therefore he must mimic them, hand them toys, sit on their laps, hold their hands, and, if they are exceptionally special, rub noses with them.  Not sure why - I certainly didn't teach him this habit.

The good news is that since his last appointment, he has been slowly adding new words to his vocabulary.  These include "Hook," (as in Captain), "fo' sho'" (no idea), and "mom" (as opposed to what he had been saying: Muh-Muhhh, which is remarkably like the noise he makes for cats).  He also sings the Veggie Tales theme song now (with dancing).  No worries concerning him growing up too fast, though, especially considering last night he wore his red underwear on the outside of his pajama pants.  Win some, lose some.  Plus, isn't that some kind of Rite of Passage for little boys?

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