John C. Campbell Folk School

Located in Western North  Carolina, the John C. Campbell Folk School is the perfect getaway to spend a few days (or summer, if you can manage), relax, and hone into your creativity.  The school offers a variety of artistic classes, including painting, storytelling, dance, photography, mixed media, metalwork, and surface design.  The studios are a mere trail away from the resident cabins, lodge, and dining hall, where meals are prepared from an organically-grown garden that is kept on the property.  Evenings are filled with live music, contra-dance, hiking and sight-seeing, and a final display of all the art that has been created over the past week.  Be sure to check out the John C. Campbell Folk School Blog, if nothing else!

If you're an artist who can't quit the day job but hasn't enough time for the craft (see Miss Malaprop's post), the folk school is the perfect opportunity to take a brief break - and, as my grandma used to say about her paintbrush and canvas - "just play with it." 

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