Alice's Restaurant

Feeling transitional lately?  Because I certainly am.  I've been stuck in this transitional phase for awhile now, which is something akin to moving in slow motion until becoming aware that someone other than yourself has hit the pause button, leaving you in suspended animation.  Or something.  Which, if you ask me, is perfect cause for a low-level freak-out.  Or at least worth wasting a few coins in the marble fountain at the mall (where someone like my brother will later fish them out and pocket them, but who knows how long your coin has to sit in that dirty water before your wish gets put on the official Wish Roster?)

I'm wishing for that moment when I can give concrete answers.  Because right now, I'm sounding kind of shifty.  What do you do?  I'm not entirely sure yet - today I'm entering community service hours into a database I will never fully understand.  Tomorrow, who knows.  Where do you live?  Well geez, I receive mail at three different locations, my furniture is in Georgia but my driver's license says South Carolina, and I'm never entirely certain in which house I'll be sleeping.  How're you feeling about life right now?  CONFUSED, I think?

Which is okay, I guess.  At least I can get anything that I want at Alice's Restaurant.


( hippies always welcome )