And Scene!

Pardon the recent delay on my blog updates.  As of last weekend, I am officially living in Northeast Georgia once again.  I never thought I'd be happy to come back here, but I moved away for five years and found a place I hate even more - South Carolina.  (Disclaimer: I no longer hate Northeast Georgia.  That being said, I have no intention of remaining here permanently).  Tim will be in South Carolina during the week and in Georgia on weekends.  He needed to work longer hours in order to make some headway on his degree, and I needed - well, let's just say I needed to maintain my sanity.  When your sole companion is a two-year-old who thinks the greatest thing since chocolate cake are his feet, you kind of start going bonkers.  So we agreed on a plan that will hopefully work for both of us.  And don't worry - we're not irresponsible twenty-somethings.  We aren't going further in debt over this venture - in fact, we may just save some money.

I'm renting my Grandpa's cabin, which, incidentally, is just down the road from my family (NINE babysitters only five minutes away, can you believe it?)  The cabin is practically the size of a studio-apartment, with an open kitchen/living room area adjoined to a single bed and bath.  Which I like, because for whatever reason, I feel safer in smaller houses.  It has a wrap-around porch, a screened-in hot tub, and a postage-stamp backyard.  We are surrounded by woods, dirt driveways, and a single-lane paved road (I have, in fact, almost been hit by a cop coming the opposite direction).  This area is called Choestoe (Choy-stoy) - which, believe it or not, means The Land of the Dancing Rabbits.  I've never actually seen any dancing rabbits, but I have seen black bears, deer, possums, raccoons, squirrels, owls, and one lone emu.  No idea.

A Few of the Highs: I get to hang out with my siblings, which means fairly-regular coffeehouse visits, movie nights, and dress-up dinners.  Also, Steph and I can start working on the music again, not to mention this is the perfect setting to finish writing the book I started last year (here's to hoping, anyway).  Everything else I do (work, school, blog) is online.

A Few of the Lows:  I miss Tim, Ames, and Starbucks (not for the coffee - for the perfect atmosphere to sit with Ames and complain about the coffee).  Actually, other than that, I don't miss a single thing about South Carolina.  Especially not the heat (being outside between the hours of nine a.m. and eight p.m. is something akin to being smothered by three electric blankets).

Thus ends the South Carolina Saga.


  1. I miss you too :( Hope it starts to feel more comfy. I think my apartment being so small (and only have one side facing the outdoors!) is what makes me feel okay there. Getting any sun?? Love, Ames

  2. Not yet! I actually just finished moving in today.

  3. Aw. this was a really trait post.


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