My Left Eye Is Twiching

"There's a kind of freedom in being completely screwed, because you know things can't possibly get any worse." - The Freshman

I've just had what I hope will be my final scuffle with any given registrar's office. I have filled out and faxed all the correct information, paid the correct bills, and gotten to know my advisor a little too close for comfort. Why the hell can't the registrar's office keep up their end of the deal? But no, it is actually too much to ask that I graduate without being erroneously billed for an entire extra year of school. And I almost forgot, tack on late registration fees because I failed to register for said school year when I have no intention of attending during that year in the first place! To top things off, I am not only getting charged a $250 graduation fee, but also a $200 fee to prolong my grace period so that I can be considered as "actively enrolled" when I "apply" for graduation (which, by the way, I have already done - and it was apparently lost in the mail)! I am being penalized for finishing up my last four classes before the school's designated graduation day. No, really.

When I finally receive my degree, I will not so much as bat an eye if I open the thing and discover it says that I obtained a bachelor's in navigational skills. Or under-water basket weaving.


  1. Oh brother. Stoopid heads.

    Thanks for the nightmares, by the way. But hey, a couple years hence, when I'm ready to gouge out my own eyeballs (and those of any Thomas Edison faculty stupid enough to come near me), you can be the wise voice of experience and reason! It'll be great! We'll both have our degrees, and I won't be blind. :)

    (Sorry for the unhelpful cheerfulness -- we just watched the old Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and I can't seem to stop giggling spasmodically.)

  2. Good old Buffy - she could cheer anybody up.


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