Here Lies Walter Fielding

I've recently been told that it is practically a rite of passage to own an old, faulty home - once that's been accomplished (and disposed of), who knows? Perhaps things start getting better (i.e. been there, done that - accept the status of permanent renter). What they fail to tell you is that the term "fixer-upper" roughly translates to "Pandora's Box." Supposedly arson is the easiest crime to commit; six months to life depending on the circumstances. I look good in stripes.

Due to the economy crash, the value of "The Fort" has sunk far below the previous appraisal. Despite the numerous calls of interest, there has been zero follow-through. Subsequently, every weekend is devoted to repairs in order to book a realtor by the end of spring (could be moving out of state by year's end). The last two weekends have been downstairs bathroom repair, layering the house with a fine dusty film. Fortunately, the bathroom now has a new wall, new floor, new paint job, and repaired appliances. Unfortunately, it would appear that each time something gets fixed, a new "must repair" gets added to the list: Finish roof, finish shed, finish hallway trim, replace upstairs sink (leak), and fix ceiling above refrigerator (turning yellow and cracking?)

The only thing that comes to mind: Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house, and it killed him (The Money Pit).

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