Thrifting for Style

Borrowed from Pinterest
"How would you describe your clothing style?"

Someone recently asked me this question and I stared at them, clueless.  I considered admitting that I rarely buy new clothing, intimates aside.  I shop in thrift stores, out of necessity, yes, and also because I like it.  Thrifting for style is both cost-effective and environmentally-kind.  I suppose this means my style is what I can afford and/or hunt down.

All the same, I felt as if I should know.

So I considered my favorite pieces of clothing, second-hand all: a pair of faded Lucky jeans, a hand-made tie-dye tunic, an army green tank top, a floral-print summer dress, and a gray Ya-Ya alpaca-knit sweater.  These are, hands down, what I prefer to wear most.  Along with my sandals and boho bag.  (You can see why I dislike winter.)

Basically, if I can paint in it I'm good to go.

I found some pictures that would best define my style, if I could only find it second-hand (please disregard the decapitated models).  As it happens, the clothing style I like best is by Free People

Free People Sunbleach Floral Knit Dress
We the Free Babydoll Tunic
Free People Tape Yarn Beach Sweater
Free People Zulu Dress
Bird Tattoos Originally Pinned by Ayla on Pinterest

 (If I ever get a tattoo I hope it looks like this.)

What's your style?

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  1. Hey La-La!

    Right now my favorite thing to wear includes smooth and stretch cotton long sleeve fitted t-shirts made by Splash!

    This winter I am sporting layered underclothing like leggins, tights, and even stetch yoga pants to keep me warm! But preference is a must and yesterday I cut the feet out of my tights because I just could not deal with how some tights sooo uncomfortably utilize gravity to end up at the ankles.

    Well gee. Clothing that defines me also includes going bra-less. Bras are the most uncomfortable invention in THE WORLD!Yeah I know they look sexy, colorful, and enhancing but realistically when I have one on...it is the all I can do to keep it on!

  2. Dig your style thrift store or not, you always look awesome

  3. Thrift stores all the way!
    I love ross, i have a terriable sweater fetish and get a ton there. I have a hippee/ vintage thing going, i know it sounds weird but it works. If i was younger i would do the steampunk fashion.
    I liked every picture you posted there, i would wear every one of them.

  4. Lauren, wait a few years and maybe you'll be able to shop the pile of kid's outgrown. My style is best described as boys' closet.

  5. That's funny! I actually do love wearing little boys t-shirts. . . dinosaurs and all.

  6. I was once looking into forearm bird tattoos...


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