Have You Seen The Missing Bottle?

Isaac hid a bottle of milk somewhere in the house, and I cannot find it. I spent two hours searching through furniture, cabinets, and drawers, as well as underneath things I was hoping I wouldn't have to look under until I moved. It gets worse. The bottle has been missing for over three days now. My concern has rum the gamut from, "Oh no! What will I put his milk in now?" to "Oh god, what if he didn't drink all the milk when I first gave him the bottle?" Worst case scenario: Isaac finds the bottle, drinks the rotting milk, and gets sick. Best case scenario: We move, buy a new bottle, and leave the old bottle to slowly deteriorate in whatever invisible corner it is hiding.

This has happened before. The last item to go missing was a sippy cup. After searching for several hours, I finally decided to just ask Isaac where it was (he doesn't talk, but I was out of options). Surprisingly, he left the room and returned with his sippy cup.

Such a simple tactic did not work with the bottle.

I will never teach him to play hide and seek.

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