I am taking a break from studying for mid-terms in order to bring my lovely non-commital readers (of my non-commital blog) up-to-date on the happenings of my life. Don't get too excited - it isn't newsworthy material. To borrow a thought from the illustrious Twain: persons attempting to find motive, moral, or plot in the following list will be prosecuted, banished, and shot. In that order.

The house still hasn't sold, but there are a few potential buyers in the mix. Here's to hoping the move back to Clemson occurs within the year.

I'm back in school, and attempting to cram two years-worth of classes into twelve months. I'm taking my classes online in order to also stay home with Isaac. Subsequently, the class structure is similar to taking summer classes all year round, without a single break. It's rather exhausting, but as I only have electives left to complete my major I'm not too worried.

I have also begun working part time online doing something I won't try to explain. Suffice to say, it is the most mundane, uncharacteristically boring job I have ever had, despite it being horribly convenient.

Isaac is turning two next month. He says the words what, what's that, yes, and other variations of phrases that may or may not be what I think they are. I won't mention the swear words I didn't teach him. Aside from his terrible-two tantrums, his stubborn disposition (mine), and his temper (also mine), he's very affectionate (not mine) and he laughs at odd things (mine, too). His favorite forms of entertainment include PBS and model cars, which he destroys. Instantly.

Tim has still got a year or so left on his PhD, so it looks like we will be sticking around for awhile. He stays extremely busy, what with Clemson, Calhoun, and the occasional Tadley work, as well as the constant demands of owning the money-pit house and entourage (that includes the yard, the shed, and the cars).

And for my last shred of excellent news: Steph and I have managed to put together a fairly decent list of new songs, and hope to have our opening performance at The Crimson Moon some Thursday evening. We are also going to be recording some old material in two weeks (the long-awaited for Miracle). I'm very excited.

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