I have read Pride and Prejudice about 200 times.

I love the Starbucks atmosphere but I hate their coffee. So I bring my own.

I want six cars (to go with each mood): my Intrepid (with enormous alterations), a VW Bus, a Jeep, a Mustang, a Toyota truck, and an old Station Wagon (don't ask).

I have never been able to attach my bra hooks from behind. I can only manage the first one. If this doesn't make me an idiot savant of sorts, nothing does (brilliant in very limited, selective ways, to be discovered in the near future).

When the upstairs shower is in use, it sounds like someone is breaking into my house. Despite this knowledge, I will inevitably freak out every time.

Whenever people yell at me, I have to fight the urge to laugh. It's not that I think it's funny they're mad, I just think it's funny how they express themselves. On the same note, I have never really screamed at anyone because in the back of my head, a little voice always says: You look ridiculous. Cut it out.

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