The shortest month of the year is over.

I spent a brief week-and-a-half "tweaking" my first book, followed by a lengthy (and greulling) two weeks researching agencies and preparing queries. I hope to mail them in March. Otherwise, I've been preoccupied with three new pieces of art that I'd like to consign in the coffeehouse as well as writing music with Steph. Our new set is Alternative Indie with a bit of Cranberries and Tegan and Sara influence. It's slow going but we're committed.

As far as coffeehouse progress goes, we have collected an eighty-year-old row of metal theater chairs with fold-up seats which I think will be perfect for extra seating on open-mic-nights. They came from the Brevard middle school, by which I mean they are in excellent condition minus a few choice words scratched into the back-side of seat two. We also found an antique gum ball machine, the kind with a three-foot stand, gilded feet, and a coin slot and key. No reason.

Our weekly movie night has attracted quite a few people. Ames said if it grows any more we may have to relocate - "Tim and Lauren's movie night has been moved to the Civic Center, indefinitely." As it is, we're already moving furniture from elsewhere into the living room to make extra seats. So far we have Ames, Ami, Steph, Jordan, Mike, Will, Brandon, Josh Kue, and sometimes Matt and Sarah. I love it.

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