Almost Fifteen Months

Isaac cries when I say "no."

It's not an immediate reaction; he has to think about it first. If I change my expression from serious to funny, I can avoid a pending tantrum. But I have to be quick. Once his bottom lip sticks out, it's too late.

If I have to smack his hand for disobedience, he will smack the closest thing to him in response. If he wants to feed himself with the spoon and I try to do it for him, he'll swat at it until it falls on the floor. If he decides he doesn't want to sleep all night, he won't let me either.

But there are good things, too. He dances when the music plays, and it is almost always funny. He helps me make the bed in the morning, trying his best to hand me the pillows (he can only lift them about an inch off the floor, all the while making these little sounds to express his exhaustion). He gives really good hugs.

And when he kisses me, it sounds like this: MMMMMMWAH!

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