1. See a black-and-white movie at a drive-in.
  2. Visit a jazz club that is reminiscent of the '40's
    (big bands, swing dance, and gin in tea cups).
  3. Grow my own pumpkin patch.
  4. Travel to Geurnsey.
  5. Own a Polaroid camera.
  6. Return to Oregon and watch the swallows fly down chimneys.
  7. Fill my entire fireplace with candles.
  8. Build a tree fort like the one in Swiss Family Robinson.
  9. Make a bottle tree.
  10. Open a coffeehouse.
  11. Get something published.
  12. Receive anonymous letters.
  13. Live on the island of Mykonos.


  1. Your ambitions sound so much greater than I could make mine sound

  2. hmmm... it's hard having almost all the same interests as your sisters... i have to agree with 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11...

  3. It's kind of scary how much we have in common here. I watched black and white movies on a big outdoor screen in a park one summer in Bloomington, IN. Loved that.
    I grew pumpkin in a patch one year and they were the beautiful white ones.
    My mom and I always wanted a Swiss Family Robinson house-I love Polaroid camers, coffee houses and want to live on Santorini. Wow! I feel like a blog stalker!


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