Paige, Hannah, and Audrey

Mother, must you speak to everyone about corsets? - Meg

Oh, do I? - Marmee

Men will never fully appreciate how difficult it is to find a comfortable bra. They may have to sit for hours, bored and restless, while waiting for their significant other to choose between a Paige and a Hannah and Audrey (Aerie names their bras after women), but they cannot possibly fathom how utterly bothersome the whole procedure is to the person who has to actually wear the thing. Perhaps that is just it: there are too many men creating the bras and too few women telling them how it should be done.

I have half a mind to toss the entire thing out the window and go without.

Fortunately for me, I not only managed to find a church last Sunday, but I also found a bra I happen to like (although it took Courtney an entire phone conversation to convince me of this). Don't think of this as any small feat: I have been searching for the perfect church and bra for at least eleven years now and to find them both, on the same day, no less, is mind-blowing.

And I have Autumn to thank for it.


  1. I thought commando meant no underwear (as in the panty variety?)

  2. hey i found the perfect bra too! i love it

  3. Panty, bra, same thing: underwear.


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