The Great Nutrax Row

  • Living Report: My house has just been outlet-plugged, thereby taking it one step closer to a toddler-friendly environment. Other side-effects of having a seven-month old son: small toys lying all over the floor, waiting to hurt the unobservant bare foot; a Baby Einstein Mozart movie that constantly plays ONE STINKING SONG over and over and over again while showing floating photos of toys (Mozart only wrote one song, did you know?); an overabundance of diapers in the trash cans.
  • Development Report: Isaac is absurdly observant, ridiculously energetic, and a biter. Since he obtained his first four teeth he has been biting everything: me, the side of his crib, me, the walls, the floor, me, his own fingers, me. He also recently learned how to open drawers (terrific), how to take off his own pants, how to go from sitting to standing to sitting again, and how to type (his favorite toys are the laptop, the outlets, the plugs, the wires, and the cell phone: I've birthed a techie).
  • Quirk Report: will only eat baby food consistently if watching TV, prefers to stand on his toys rather than play with them, is allergic to carrots, makes gagging noise every time he sees me with the baby food jar and spoon (I'm not kidding), thinks that petting the psycho cat is hilarious (he actually laughs every time), plays peek-a-boo with himself, will only go to sleep if holding his blue elephant's nose, is ticklish.
  • Me: I have thus far managed to send five sets of queries/synopsis/sample chapters out to different literary agents. I hate the marketing side to being creative. I need a manager (or someone who will do it for me?) I have also consigned a couple paintings and some post cards to a local art store on RamCat Alley, and hope to take a few more to The Channel coffee house in Greenville (where I used to volunteer nights). Steph and Jimmy and I started up our band meets again and our first gig is going to be on June 21st in Georgia (with Joel!) My book club is doing poorly as we were supposed to meet monthly and keep forgetting--we shall have to discuss several books at our next meet (ah well, it's been real, it's been fun: it's been real fun). Currently we are reading Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers--excellent book despite Tim's incredulous reaction to discovering it was written in the 1930's and the last time it was checked out from the library was half-a-century ago. I love the odd things they say: jiminy, get your goat, quite right, awfully obliged, frightfully good, Say, look here! I keep imagining the main character to be Cary Grant.


  1. haha... man i haven't gotten very far in that book AT ALL. I neeeeed to start reading. Isaac is alleric to carrots? That's so sad! No... no carrots? (no carrots)--guess what that was from.

  2. studies show that exposure to television before the age of 2 is a leading cause of ADD.

    and i only kind of made part of that up.



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