My Poor Sick Baby

Isaac has been sick this week with a cold. He is also teething, which causes him to be especially fussy. He doesn't like it when I lay him on his back to bottle-feed him, when I touch his nose, or when I have to put him down. Come to think of it, he seems particularly aggravated with the bottle, refusing to take anything that is not offered to him in a small glass tumbler. He is particular about other things as well, preferring me to hold him always while he sucks his thumb and plays with my hair. As long as he sleeps through the night, I am okay with this.

It's awful to have a sick infant because you can't take care of them the way you want to, which is to make their sickness go away.

I am so tired.


  1. If you were taking Barley Green you wouldn't be so tired.

  2. sounds good about next week.


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