Sock Monster

Last night I tried making Isaac a teddy bear out of an old blue onesy and the baby socks he has outgrown. I spent hours sewing the little pieces together and then Tim videotaped me laughing hysterically at the final result. If you think sock monkeys are ugly this teddy bear is far worse, an actual replica of one of the characters from Where The Wild Things Are. Maybe it will become the toy Isaac carries around everywhere, like a dirty security blanket or a favored hat, but most likely it will go into a cardboard box where I will keep Isaac's things as he outgrows them. And some day we will take it out and laugh.


  1. I don't think that can ever be avoided. It's more like a job... to worry. We do it absent mindedly, but when it really kicks in that's when the nagging begins... lol... parents get hated for it---but what can ya do? Just put it in the kids head that you're not so untrusting--but so loving.
    I don't think I'm going to enter that contest... I want to, but I have so little time. It takes all day to get done with school and other things I want to get done with... I don't write as much--bookwise---not journalwise--as much as I want to... it's the same with artwork. I don't have enough time anymore... blah.
    You know, when you first moved out to college I didn't know what to think... it was like, Lauren's moving? It was more like a question for the longest time until it finally kicked in. When you got married was when I really started to miss you. It was different with Noah... when he moved I just couldn't believe it because I thought he'd never move out, not in a bad way, but you know... it was a sad feeling... just like it always will be. There's no way to stop time.
    Well, I'm afraid I must be off! I'll ttyl!
    P.S. I figured out how to put my friends on my site but now I don't know how to subscribe to them from my site... ? Just go to their site and click subscribe? I don't think there is one on blogspot... is there?

  2. Good heavens! That'll scare the dickens right out of you -- I'm so glad Matt's okay! Emily looked sort of dazed when I told her; later she said ruefully, "I'd better call him to make sure his brains are all still intact."

    I'm like you: the only death I've experienced has been a single grandmother, and a great-grandmother at that. It's not something I dwell on or tend to fret over, but that makes it even worse when we have a close call. My brain, unused to freak-out overdrive, squeals from zero to sixty in a neck-cricking instant.

    Which, by the way, goes for close friends as well, so tell Matt to be more careful. He can't accuse you of nagging if it's from me, right?

    Ultimately, it sounds like a platitude, but really it's just a rock-bottom reality: God is in control. And I'm not capable of loving these precious people of mine better than he does.

    Oh, and I have no idea how to keep from being a nagging parent. But don't worry. You'll cross that bridge when you come to it, and for now: hover away! Isaac likes it.

    I want to see that teddy bear! *grins*

    Luv you.

  3. aaaw I love love love that photo of isaac and the elephant! lol... and no, sadly, I don't know Jason.

  4. I got to watch my mom take the stitches out of your brother's head... that was fun... =) he was a trooper- and my brothers wanted to know exactly what it felt like. He was a hero for a half hour in our kitchen.


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